Why Invest

Why Choose Universal Group?

Anything less than a professional, seasoned property management team, with extensive experience managing their own properties, could compromise the long term value of your portfolio.

Here at Universal Group, as life-long property investors ourselves, we’ve had to learn the hard way that not all property management companies are created equal. Fortunately, you don’t have to. In fact, you can bypass all the expensive challenges we’ve overcome and take away our number one learning…

“One of the most important assets your portfolio can include is the services of a property manager who acts as if it were their own bricks and mortar on the line. One better is a property manager who has experience in all aspects of wealth creation through real estate”.

Universal Group is Australia’s Leading Authority on Property Options

Universal Group is renowned as Australia’s Leading Authority on Property Options. Our core business is sourcing land in high growth areas and optioning (selling) these sites to developers and builders. This expertise and market knowledge positions us as one of the most qualified and esteemed property businesses to recommend investment projects. Not only do we have a long history with developers of integrity right across Australia, we also negotiate directly with them to secure large discounts for our investors, increasing the long term growth potential of your AAP.

Universal Group Are Investors Too

As we mentioned, Universal Group is first and foremost a property investment company. Our day to day operations involve searching for and securing at the best price, sites with massive potential for long term growth.

The way we organise our business means that when we share our strategies, learnings and secrets, not only do our investors benefit, but our reputation as a market leader is further cemented. This transparency has enabled our AAP system to be proven time and time again, by investors from all walks of life. Now it’s time for you to reap the handsome rewards property investment can afford.

Banking On Your Pension? Beware!

If you prefer to keep your head in the sand about your future, it might be best to tune out now…

“The Bureau of Statistics states that 96% of Australia’s population at the age of 65 will end up on a pension, with nothing to their name”.

That’s right – 96% of Australians, broke, by age 65. Heartbreakingly, only 3% will become financially independent, and only 1% at age 65 will enjoy a level of wealth we commonly call ‘rich’. This is a frighteningly similar pattern to that being repeated in many western countries, including New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Japan and Europe.

If you’re one of the few that WON’T bury your head in the sand, the question begs to be asked, “Do you have the money in savings, super and pension for the lifestyle you deserve in your retirement?”
If not, something must be done NOW.

Property Will Make 1.9 M Millionaires By 2020 – Will You Be One Of Them?

In Australia, bricks and mortar has made more millionaires than any other type of investment. In fact, property millionaires have been consistently created at a rate of more than 58,000 a year, since 2001.

Statistics show that by 2010, there will be around 750,000 million* (yes, you read that right!), millionaires created through the inevitable rise in property prices. By 2020 that group will reach a staggering 1.9 million.

The next 10 years will come and go regardless of whether you take action and capitalise on the opportunities available. Remember, the decisions you make today will determine which group of statistics you belong to – and whether you secure your financial freedom during this time. At the end of the day, it’s up to you.

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(*Statistics courtesy of The Centre for Economics and Research CEBR).