7 Steps to Investing

Building your property portfolio should be easy, automated and stress-free. That’s why we’ve created a system comprised of 7 distinct stages, to ensure you’re clear, confident and informed, every step of the way. Here’s our AAP 7 Steps To Investing guide…

Once you’ve decided an Automatic Acquisition Plan is the best way to ensure your financial future, what happens next?

1. Simply complete and return a Financial Snapshot to confirm your genuine interest.
2. One of our preferred financiers will promptly review your Financial Snapshot and contact you to discuss your options. If you are financially unable to purchase at this stage, we can give you recommendations to help you get started
3. Once a property has been selected that fulfils the criteria listed in Universal Group’s Investor Menu of Choice, an expression of interest transfer of $1,000 must be made within 24 hours, to secure your property and you will enter a pool of buyers.
4. Universal Group will schedule a telephone finance consultation with you to ascertain your individual circumstances.
5. A 10% deposit will be necessary to secure a property in the project.
6. Once a Development Approval has been issued from Council, contracts will be issued to you by Universal Group for signing. (All supporting documentation to be sent to Universal Group). All contracts are subject to Unconditional Financial Approval which will be required within 21 days. Balance of funds will be required at settlement.
7. Settlement arranged. Your settlement takes place and a key is given to your property manager. Your rent will enter your bank account.
Congratulations on becoming a landlord. *If you wish to use your own broker/lender, please email the Universal Group Team with their details at: info@UniversalGroups.com That way we are able to stay up to date with your finance process. Ready to get started? Fill out a Financial Snapshot and forward it to the Universal Group Team now! Or, read more about the Your Portfolio.