Corporate Capital Markets

Does your commercial real estate portfolio shine when it comes to the bottom line?

Given the percentage of corporate budgets devoted to offices and other facilities, nothing dominates a balance sheet more than commercial real estate. Profitability is driven by your firm’s success in aligning occupancy needs with financial objectives. The value is clear, but the path is complex. We pave the way by delivering capital markets solutions to occupiers.

As one of the premium global professional services firm that is rooted firmly in both commercial real estate and the capital markets, we’ll work with you to uncover value in every facet of your portfolio. There’s no need to shoot from the hip at emerging financial challenges. We’ll develop realistic strategies to align financing and occupancy decisions with tax, financial reporting and treasury objectives.

Whether your charge involves a single property or a set of worldwide decisions, we’ll assemble a collaborative team that has consistently delivered results in initiatives comparable to yours.

Ready to put cash back to work in your core business? Want to create immediate impact on your P&L? Consider redeploying your capital investment locked up in owned real estate through sale-leasebacks. Or reduce your run rate by selling partially utilized facilities to investors interested in converting your pain into their gain. Our seasoned corporate capital markets professionals will carefully analyze your commercial real estate, financial statements and operational plans. Then, design an action plan that matches up your objectives with a range of potential investors through relationships we maintain throughout the world.