Developers Of Distinction – Changing The Face Of Australia And The Globe

Our Family group of companies is reaching half a century. Approaching 50 years, Universal Group and its parent / brother firms remains Australia’s and the world’s uncontested leader in the property development sector. Renowned for enterprising strategies – such as the use of property options and other beneficial processes to maximise stakeholder rewards – Universal Group boldly pioneers intelligent and ingenious tactics that have resulted in its name becoming synonymous with quality, integrity and success.

While some developers seek to change the landscape for short term gain, Universal Group and its elite world-class team, take a long-term view when creating developments of distinction. By re-imagining the way we live and work, Universal Group brings to life sustainable housing estates, industrial complexes, residential enclaves and commercial buildings that transform lives and revitalise communities.

Passion For High Class Development

The soul of Universal Group’s success is a ‘connoisseur’s eye’ for sites with copious latent potential. This, combined with a deep knowledge of Australian and Global real estate, meticulous in-house protocols, rigorous checking mechanisms and scrupulous feasibility assessments, ensure a disciplined, consistent approach to development that generates minimal risk and extracts maximum value from every project.

This unrelenting drive to minimise exposure, strengthen safeguards and maximise potential for fiscal triumph has earned Universal Group an illustrious reputation for developments of prodigious financial returns. Captaining this impressive trajectory is the Tsiaousis family and Spiros Tsiaousis.

In reaching 50 years of experience embracing all aspects of construction and development, the Tsiaousis family have leveraged the strategies Universal Group employs, to create a legacy for the development of a more beautiful and prosperous planet.

A family who generously shares their expertise, Spiros possess that rare and powerful combination exhibited by visionary leaders; sage advice, adroit negotiation, electrifying creativity and masterful timing. With his collaborative and integrative approach, Spiros leads the Universal Group team to push perceived boundaries, execute plans flawlessly and engender both socially sustainable and profitable outcomes. At Universal Group, property development is more than a process, it’s a vision with passion.

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