Land Owners Partnerships

Unlock the potential and profits, under your feet

If you own or have invested in land and are considering capitalisation through development, working with a team of world-class professionals will save you time, costly errors and frustration. Best of all, our unique development model offers terms of acquisition that are exceptional, granting you to access returns that far eclipse most vendors’ expectations.

As opposed to the option of selling your land on the open market (where a developer typically reaps the greatest profits), partnering with Universal Group gives you access to greater returns, with unbelievable ease. We project manage the asset on your behalf – handling all the headaches, hurdles and hindrances that can potentially occur – and expertly guide the development through construction to market delivery.

We implement rock solid contracts and agreements with all parties we engage, protecting you and offering complete confidence and peace of mind. Next, we keep you informed at every step along the way, so you’ll be kept abreast of milestones and developments, without getting caught up in distractions and minutiae.

It’s like having your very own property development ‘dream team’, managing the development of your asset, in a way that allows you to be completely ‘hands-off’, while ramping up your profits.

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