Global Capital Markets

Outstanding deal makers who deliver the best and most honest advice both locally and globally providing real value added to clients.

Universal Group Global Capital Markets is an integrated network of 700 of the globe’s most knowledgeable and best connected deal makers.

Our teams have spent their careers entrenched in the local and international markets, building unbeatable experience and relationships with capital sources and investors in every market across the globe – we’ll connect you directly to that knowledge in real-time.

Our global platform is not just dots on the map; it is made up of real, personal relationships built over time with people you can rely on to secure the best pricing and opportunities available in the market.

How our teams can assist you:

Get the best price for your assets
Access to the best investment product worldwide
Access to global sources of capital
Efficiently completed transactions
Provide real-time market conditions and insights
Specialist sector knowledge (e.g. retail, offices, logistics)
Client relationship management based on a deep understanding of your specific requirements
Research and consultancy services to shape your long term investment strategy
The industry’s most objective and honest advice
Links to related services, for example: leasing, valuation, asset and property management